EXPO’s 1st Anniversary, Revisiting the EXPO Park

  • Friday, September 2, 2011: 8:00am

    Niek Roozen, NITA’s Chief Designer returned to the EXPO Park

    The summer heat cannot hold back NITA’s staff. One year after the grand opening of the EXPO 2010, NITA staff of 200 revisited the EXPO Park, in which NITA Group devoted 5 years of hard working. NITA put its heart and soul into the project which has become NITA’s breakthrough in China. Mr. Niek Roozen, Master of landscape designing, Chief Designer of the EXPO Park led the team, with gratitude and gratefulness.

    Never ending landscape of EXPO, and Never fading beauty of City Card

    NITA’s ideal is to create a design to accommodate with human, architecture and the nature, to keep the balance and sustainability is always NITA’s No. 1 goal. NITA intended to make the EXPO Park Shanghai’s landscape symbol. How to maintain the landscape when the exposition closes was one of the major tasks of this project.
    Mr. Niek Roozen addressed to the staff at the occasion, sharing his ideas and experiences, especially his experience on the EXPO proeject. Mr. Roozen explained how Regression Design and Green Technology, the famous NITA idea applies on the style of the park and expressed his strong feelings to the project. “Flowers bloom, trees grow, riverwater clear as always. I believe that the Shanghai Exposition will last and we, NITA and our efforts will be remembered.”

    After revisiting the park, Niek Roozen visited the new NITA China Headquarter and met Mr. Dai Jun, CEO of the China Headquarter. The two NITA masterminds discussed over latest trends in landscape designing and green technology. The two also talked about the rapidly developed urbanism in China, Roozen deeply concerned about the lack of consideration for environmental balance. Roozen called out for the teams in China and Netherlands, to work together on more scientific planning skill and technology. While we stick to the Green City idea, we still have a chance for both economy and environmental restoration.