Collaboration NITA and Inbo

  • Tuesday, May 29, 2012: 6:20am

    A winning team combining experience, innovation and creativity

    23rd May 2012, the Netherlands; NITA Design Group and Inbo B.V. held a signing ceremony in the Chinese Garden at the 2012 Floriade, formalizing their future cooperation and collaboration in the Chinese market. NITA CEO Dai Jun, NITA Vice President Fang Sheng, with Inbo CEOs Bert van Breugel and Jeanet van Antwerpen participated in the signing ceremony.
    NITA Design group, with its ‘Green City’ concept, has 10 years of experience in China in the field of landscape architecture, planning, plant introduction and green technologies. Inbo is a large, creative and innovative Dutch firm with 50 years of experience in the field of architecture, engineering, urban planning and consultancy.
    Inbo CEO Bert van Breugel announced; "NITA has developed rapidly in China recent years, and the NITA-Inbo combination is perfect to fulfill the current demand in China in the field of architecture, engineering and environmental and urban strategy."
    NITA CEO Mr. Dai said in his speech, "NITA has accumulated many successful experiences in China, by joining with a leading company in Architecture and Consultancy in the Netherlands and Europe such as Inbo, NITA will gain more depth and breadth in the field of design and consultancy, which play an important role in becoming a more comprehensive design group."
    The joint NITA-Inbo partnership will form a complete service system from urban planning, architecture, landscape to engineering consultancy, to be the biggest design and engineering consultancy group in the Netherlands. NITA-Inbo will merge experts from multiple industries, sharing innovative design and green technologies from the green Kingdom of the Netherlands with different Chinese cities, to enhance more cities with green vitality.
    Representatives from other industries in the Netherlands, including the Netherlands Industriebank LIOF President Mr. Verhagen, Grontmij Group CEO Mr. Nijenhuis, Deerns CEO Mr. Lousberg, along with more than 50 guests, attended the signing ceremony.Mr. Zhang Yinchao, Secretary of CFA was invited to and addressed at the ceremony.