Chinese Garden Won Top Honor at 2012 Floriade Expo

  • Thursday, October 18, 2012: 4:45pm

    2012 Floriade Expo closed on October 7th after the half-year exhibition. On the closing ceremony, Chinese Garden was awarded The Green City Award, top honor of the AIPH Prize. NITA is the overall design and engineering consultant office of Chinese Garden. This also marks China’s highest honor in any international horticultural exposition.
    Approved by the State Council, China State Forestry Administration participated the Floriade exposition representing China; China Flower Association is in charge of the event planning. Chinese Garden was the largest booth at the exposition.
    NITA Design Group was honorably appointed as the design and engineering consultant office for Chinese Garden. NITA was in charge of the maintenance during the 6 months. After one year’s design and half a year’s construction, Chinese Garden is presented “perfect, all details fits perfect,” (quoted by AIPH decription.) Chinese peonies, rhododendrons, bonsai, lotuses, dahlias and chrysanthemums were chosen for the 6 themes during the exhibition, a perfect selection to display Chinese plants and gardening skills. Chinese gardening and planting products gains wide praises from international visitors.
    The AIPH contest went through 3 phases. Chinese Garden received 3 singular top scores leading the contest all the way. Chinese Garden won Green City Prize, the highest prize of the contest in the final run. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were awarded to other entering countries and firms. The representatives from NITA accepted the awards at the ceremony on October 7th.

    The Honorary Jury of A.I.P.H. comments,
    A typical Chinese Garden with different plant species.
    Genus loci is the character of the design.
    High quality and good choice of all plant material.
    Old Chinese culture reflex in the garden. There is a harmony between plants and buildings. Everthing fixed with each other, it is good to be in that garden. There is a good feeling between water and plants for this green city.
    The design is perfect, all details fits perfect.

    Mr. Doeke Faber
    Presidentof the honorary jury of the A.I.P.H.
    Paul M.R. Beck
    General Director Flroiade 2012
    Ir. F.A. Olthof